Congratulations to Paul Brar, Winner of DSPT Edmonton (C$85,700)

The final table of the C$1,100 DSPT Edmonton Main Event has come to a conclusion with Paul Brar being crowned the champion!

The 455-player field had been whittled down to a final nine that returned today to battle it out until just one player was left standing. Straight out of the gate Adrian Baran would fall in 9th when his K♣K♦ would be out drawn by A♠9♣. A few hands later Kim Graham made a move into overnight chip leader Kris Swanson’s top pair and he was bounced in 8th place. Francis Fan exited in 7th place when his dominated ace wasn’t able to improve even after flopping a flush and chop draw.

For Swanson, he would then make a move in a monster pot that saw him shove A♦J♦ on a 6♥2♣7♥ flop against Michael DeGirolamo’s 7♣6♣ to be eliminated in 6th place as the first break was reached with DeGirolamo holding nearly half of the chips in play. Once play resumed, Russ Meilunas would be next to go when he shoved a weak ace into DeGirolamo’s A♦K♥.

With play now down to the final four, chips would circulate between each of the players before Ryan Godsend shoved top pair on a three-flush board and would be looked up by Amardeep Randhawa’s under pair and a flush draw. A fourth spade on the river would ensure Godsend on his 4th place finish before the final three continued to battle amongst each other. Eventually a monster pot saw Brar and Randhawa battle in a three-bet pot preflop where Randhawa open-shoved a 2♦4♥6♣ flop with A♠T♣ and Brar went deep into the think-tank before calling with 8♣8♦. Randhawa failed to improve and was out in 3rd place while Brar took a six-to-one chip lead into heads up play against DeGirolamo Heads-up play would last just one hand when Brar’s K♥T♣ would river a four-flush against DeGirolamo’s A♠T♦ to end his tournament in 2nd place as Brar would emerge victorious.

DSPT Edmonton Final Table Results
1st: Paul Brar (C$85,700 + US$3,000 DSPT Championship package)
2nd: Michael DeGirolamo (C$60,100)
3rd: Amardeep Randhawa (C$38,655)
4th: Ryan Godsend (C$26,250)
5th: Russ Meilunas (C$20,170)
6th: Kris Swanson (C$16,770)
7th: Francis Fan (C$14,030)
8th: Kim Graham (C$11,310)
9th: Adrian Baran (C$8,580)

For Brar, not only does he capture the C$85,700 first prize, but he is also awarded a US$3,000 DSPT Championship package at Thunder Valley Casino & Resort in December for besting the DSPT Edmonton field.

Congratulations to Paul Brar the DSPT Edmonton Champion, as well as all the in-the-money finishers!

For DSPT, our next stop is at Thunder Valley from April 14th – 17th, 2017. So make sure to take a trip and try your luck at being crowned the next DSPT Champion, or stay tuned right here to to follow all the action live!