Jeff Fielder Wins WPTDS Iowa ($32,473)

Jeff Fielder (pictured) topped a field of 127 players to win the WPTDeepStacks Iowa Main Event on Monday night at the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort in Riverside, IA. Fielder was awarded $32,473 in prize money after winning a final table that clocked in at six hours of play.

Cards got into the air at 1 p.m. between the final nine players, and after a quick few hands, Todd Hagen kicked off the eliminations by falling in ninth place. Mark Reid followed Hagen to the rail in eighth place, nearly half a level later. Chips starting flying around the table, as a Derek Gardner did his best to hang on with the short stack, but he would eventually fall in seventh. Following Gardner’s Elimination it was Garry Glawe who ran his suited ace into the queens of Jeff Fielder that would lead to his elimination, as Glawe exited in sixth.

Five handed play wouldn’t last too long, as Brett Reicher was eliminated shortly after Glawe when he moved all in with his lat 145,000. Both Fielder and Lang would call, with Lang making a flush on the river to eliminate Reicher in fifth. Four handed play started with a big pot that saw the two chip leaders go head to head, with Lang coming out on top and taking over the chip lead from Fielder. The two continued to exchange blows as the shorter-stacked Austin Hohenadel and Bryan Besler sat back and waited for their opportunity to strike. Action folded around to Hohenadel who moved all in holding pocket threes, but ran into the two kings of Besler. Besler flopped a king leaving Hohenadel drawing thin, and exiting in fourth.

Three handed play started off pretty slow with Fielder slowly climbing back towards the top of the chip counts. Bresler got the last of his chips into middle holding 6x6x against the 2x2x of Feilder. The flop would bring a deuce, improving Fielder to a set, and giving him a commanding lead on the hand. Bresler failed to catch a six and hit the rail in third place.

Heads up play it was all Jeff Fielder as he continued to build moment. On the final hand Mike Lang raises to 160,000 and Jeff Fielder reraises to 360,000. With the action back on Lang he tanks for nearly three minutes before moving all in for 675,000. Fielder makes the call and tables As5s, having the 5d4c of Lang in rough shape. The dealer spreads the Jd8c4s flop and Lang pairs his four to take the lead. The turn brings the Ts and Fielder picks up the nut flush draw to go along with his live ace. The Ks completes the board improving Fielder to the nut flush, to earn him the victory and $32,473.